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LJ interview meme time! These questions come from [ profile] eeyorerin:

1) What is the Secret Origin Story of Professor Brainley (or of Brain Comics in general, your choice)?

Professor Brainley (and in fact all of Brain University) was actually the fevered daydream of Dobbsey, who was working in a snowglobe factory at the time. However, Brainley then sprang fully-formed into existence when the factory had a freak collision with a radioactive dog. Hijinx ensued!

2) If you could design any train journey you wanted, where would you go and what kind of train would it be? (completely outrageous imaginary train innovations allowed!)

I actually once had a dream about a train that went to Hawaii via some sort of pneumatic tube. However, it came to an abrupt halt about halfway there because there was a huge gap in the tube somewhere out over the Pacific ocean. So that part wasn't so great.

Instead I think it might be fun to have a guided tour train that followed the Coast Starlight route, but then took a turn towards Albuquerque and along through the American Southwest, all the way to Oklahoma and then north through the prairie states, then north and west through Canada until finally winding its way back to Seattle. Each part of the train ride would have a Special Guest Star Narrator, ideally featuring Johnny Cash (in coyote form) for the southwest, Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt for Oklahoma, Garrison Keillor for the prairie, and Pierre Trudeau for at least part of Canada. The actual train conductor and announcer would be George Takei.

Also, Tahiti.

3) What's your favorite game?

Hmm, tough call. Probably The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It was the first and possibly only game I ever played hooky for. I'm not sure what exactly it was about it that hooked me, though.

Other than that, I have very fond memories of all manner of DOS games from the Apogee and Sierra era. Forget all that FPS nonsense, give me Commander Keen, Secret Agent, ZZT, and King's Quest any day.

Incidentally, if you're about my age and interested in throwing money at someone in an vain attempt to relive your childhood, I recommend checking out

4) When you doodle aimlessly, what do you tend to make?

Not much; I'm kind of bad at doodling. But when I do doodle, I mostly end up with sketches of weird-looking androgynous people with exaggerated noses.

So...self-portraits, I guess.

5) You have been kidnapped by aliens and forced into their competition arena! Would you rather wrestle in pudding, mud, or Jell-O?

Ooh, is this the episode where I get to fight the Gorn? Do I find out the Gorn's secret weakness? Is it...friendship?

Barring that, I'd probably just go with mud. It's less sticky than pudding or jello, and less likely to go rancid or off. I also suspect it would have a healthier bacterial ecosystem than either of the food products.

Also, my body actually reacts violently to milk fat, as if it were some sort of kryptonite custard, so I'd probably be especially wary of the pudding unless it was soy pudding or something. I love writing pudding-related humor, but I tend to avoid pudding in real life unless it's been properly vetted. Instead, I live vicariously through [ profile] gement's pudding addiction.

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