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I just got back from Gallifrey One, which I unfortunately missed almost all of due to a head cold (and not wishing to be Patient Zero for this year's con crud outbreak.) So instead, I drew a comic:

Comic: Title: Things To Do When You're Out Sick at Gally. First panel: Replace All The Hotel Signage. There is a drawing of elevator buttons, next to them is a safety sign with a Dalek silhouette chasing a human silhouette (ala Portal). Under it, the sign declares: IN CASE OF DALEK ATTACK USE STAIRS. Second panel: Prank Call Lobbycon. A drawing of a hotelier standing at a stand labelled VALET, with the T partially overlapped by a post-it note "yard". The valet is holding the phone, and declares 'Would the owner of the blue box please report to the parking attendant's office immediately. Your lights are on.' Third panel: Redecorate Your Room. A hotel room door has been redecorated to look like the TARDIS exterior. Instead of POLICE BOX it says HOTEL ROOM, and inside of the sign on the left there is a poster declaring SHERLOCK IS INNOCENT. The door handle is a standard keycard model. Dialogue bubbles from within: 'Where's the bed'?' 'I replaced it with the central console'.

I also realized I never got around to posting two other vacation comics from my trip to San Francisco last year. So here are those as well.

Comic: Title: Day 1 - Amtrak/BART Joint Gravity Testing Facility. A graph, with the Y axis marked Perceived Weight of Bags, and the X axis marked Distance Walked From Train to Subway. The graph is made up of little suitcase icons. From 0% to 100%, there is a peak labelled Are We There Yet?, a dip labelled I Can See The Entrance!, and then a much higher peak near the end labelled Oh God, Stairs.

Did you know that the Oakland BART station isn't actually attached to the Amtrak station? Instead you have to walk about three blocks. Ordinarily a trivial walk, until you realize just how heavy your bags are, how freakishly warm California is, and that there are no elevators or escalators to be found once you get there.

Comic: Title: Day 2 - Somewhere Near the Castro. There is a drawing of rolling hillsides. A Swiss yodeler in lederhosen and feathered cap holds an Alpenhorn. In the distance, a mountain goat wears hipster glasses, a scarf, and has a scraggly beard. Text: LOST IN THE HILLS OF SAN FRANCISCO. SADLY NO ST. BERNARDS BEARING BRANDY IN SIGHT.

...and then we got lost in the hills of San Francisco. I'm still not sure exactly where we were; perhaps we accidentally crossed dimensions and ended up in JÇ«tunheimr, the mountainous Norse land of hipster giants.

After we finished collapsing our way through the hills, we somehow found a portal back to our own realm. It led us to a yarn store, and then eventually we ended up at the sausagefest which is Italian food in the Castro.

And then I failed to comic any of the other days. The end.

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I can vouch for all of these things. I ate a lot of meat at The Sausage Factory. No, really.
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